Why would I want to rent a bounce house?

Bounce houses, obstacle courses, water inflatables, and slides are all great for any social, school, or corporate event.  Many people think of them for birthday parties, but they are also great for company picnics, school carnivals, family reunions, holiday get togethers, etc.

Do you service my area, and is there a delivery charge?

We are located in the Branson area, and deliver free to a 15 mile radius around Branson. We also deliver to all of Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.  Please call for delivery pricing to these areas.  417-559-8209

Can I pick the inflatable bouncer up at your location, and set it up myself?

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up and set up your own inflatable.  The main reason for this is safety.  All of our inflatables are insured for liability, and therefore must be set up by a Monkey Moe's representative to ensure they are safe. Besides, some of our inflatables weigh well over 500 pounds!

Are your bounce houses insured?

Yes, we carry liability insurance on all of our equipment.  

How big are the bounce houses?

Our smallest bouncers are 15 feet by 15 feet (15x15).  Some of them are much larger.  The dimensions for each unit are listed right under their title. 

How many children can bounce at a time?

It depends on which unit you rent.  Your Monkey Moe's representative will go over the number of children based on age that can play in the unit at one time.  For our 15x15 unit, there can be 6-8 kids at a time.
Keep in mind that compatible sized children MUST play on the unit at the same time, REGARDLESS of age.

What kind of area can bounce houses be set up in?

It is best to have a somewhat flat grassy area that is clean of debris (sticks, stones, mud, etc.), tree roots, or pet waste. We can also set up on pavement, driveways, and indoors. If you  have a sprinkler system, it must be turned off . You will also need an area with clearance overhead (no power lines, trees, branches, overhangs, etc.) of 20 feet. An electrical outlet needs to be within 100 feet.  If you do not have an electrical outlet nearby, a generator will be required.  We also rent generators.

Do the blowers have to run the whole time?

Yes, the blower keeps the inflatable bounce house inflated. As long as all riders have exited safely, the blower can be unplugged to deflate the bouncer. This is sometimes necessary to give the adult supervisors a break and to let the children take a breather.  Please make sure if you do need to unplug the blower, you make sure that there is no one inside before you do!

How far in advance do I need to reserve a bouncer?

Your best bet is to book as soon as you have  confirmed a date for your party, we highly recommend that you book your bouncer immediately. Don't wait! There's nothing worse than getting your party organized, then calling up to book a bounce house, and finding that none are available. . If you have last minute plans to rent a bounce house, try us!  We may still have something available!

How safe are inflatable bounce houses?

Bounce houses are very safe, as long as all of the rules are followed and common sense is used. Most of the injuries are caused by or happen to unsupervised children. Children must be supervised at all times, and the rules must be enforced!

Are teens and adults allowed in the bounce houses?

Most of our units are able to be enjoyed by both kids and adults.  The exception would be the Rescue Heroes Preschool Unit and Preschool Crayon Play Center.  Keep in mind, that compatible size people MUST be on the unit at the same time.  If teenagers want to use a bounce house, then the small children will need to exit first. 

Is a deposit required?

A $50 deposit per unit is due when the contract is signed.  The balance is due before set up, on the day of your event.  Your Monkey Moe's representative will review the safety checklist at that time as well.  All cancellations, other than weather- related as described below, must be made at least 30 days prior to your event for a refund of the deposit.  After that the deposit will be non-refundable.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept cash, checks (made payable to "Monkey Moe's"), Visa,
MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Please note that there is a $35 NSF fee on all returned checks.

Can you set up in parks?

Yes we can.  This is another reason why it is important that our equipment is insured.  Most city parks will require you to get a permit if you are going to be using a bounce house there.  They will not issue the permit without a certificate of insurance from us.  You will need to check with each park to make sure they have adequate electrical power for the units you will be using.  If additional power is needed, we also rent generators. 
Here is the contact information for the city parks that we currently work with:
Branson Parks and Recreation
For park info call (417) 335-2368

What if it rains?

For safety reasons, we cannot put bouncers up in the rain.  If we don't put the bouncer up, then there's no charge. If the weather looks like it may turn foul, then you will have the option of going ahead with your event, rescheduling, or canceling.  Once we set up the inflatable, there is no refund.  The blower and inflatable must be turned off during rain, but may be turned back on once the rain has ended.  Again, safety is our main concern, followed by your satisfaction. Bouncers and bad weather don't mix.